NVT-120 linear module

Examples of applications using NVT modules:

  • loading and unloading systems
  • carrying systems
  • varnishing and gluing systems
  • positioning systems, equipment for cutting stations, feeding tables
  • working equipment for plotter-type machines
  • slider solutions

Technical data:

  • The maximum length of the module: Lmax=6000mm
  • Max linear speed of the trolley: Vmax = 2m/s
  • Max acceleration: 3m/s2
  • Max dynamic force: 480N
  • Max mass moved on the trolley: 200kg
  • Static load capacity of the trolley ( computational): Fz=7500N, Mx=220Nm, My,z=340Nm


  • Rails, carriages: Size 20
  • Drive belt: HTD-8M-30