Linear modules

The current direction of development of production companies is to increase efficiency through the use of industrial automation systems. Often, they must be fast and reliable applications, allowing to replace humans in handling activities such as: transport, positioning, folding, painting, gluing, welding, etc.

In order to meet the current trend of accelerating industrial production, NEVOTECH’s engineers have developed economical NVT linear modules, characterized by high dynamics and the ability to move masses up to 300 kg. 3-axis manipulators can reach a maximum length of 6000 mm. These modules allow you to create a combination of linear movements, for example, Cartesian robots, multi-axis gantry modules, etc.
If necessary, it is possible to modify all parts according to the individual needs of the customer in such a way as to obtain the most tailored to the specific needs of linear modules. The NEVOTECH manufacturer, in addition to mechanical components, also offers customers the possibility of creating a fully automated motion system based on PLC or CNC control.